For Beauty, Commercial Work, Publications or Signed Recording Artists, please email Kat for details at


Everyone needs a solid headshot, whether you work in the corporate world or are working in Entertainment. In this digital world, our photo is often our first impression, and having a headshot that represents the best of you is essential!

Though headshots don't make up the bulk of my work, as a former actor/perform I always leave a little room in my schedule to shoot them. 

Below is a special package I've created, and a description of how we work. I've kept my rates low to accommodate everyone, but if you are a struggling artist, start-up entrepreneur, or not-for-profit, and you find the rates outside your means, I will always work with you to get you the images you need. Just shoot me an email with your interest and we will make it happen. 


Headshot Sessions with Kat

30 minute get to know you/ catch up session

Wardrobe Consultation

3 Wardrobe Looks

1-2 hour of shoot time

Unlimited Imagery

Headshot & Lifestyle Imagery Included

Shot outside on location in Los Angeles (Studio available for additional fee)


Online Gallery of Favorite Images with 10 year online archive

All Images from shoot in High Resolution Digital Delivery


Makeup & Hair Available additionally (and highly highly recommended.)

$500 for Headshot Sessions in Los Angeles

$600 for Headshot Sessions in NY

(ask for rates in your city)

$140 for Hair & Makeup with Photoshoot


Our shoots begin either at my studio or out at a coffee shop, where we can take a minute to relax, get comfortable with each other, catch up on what we're looking to create, and create a plan for the shoot. From there, we'll sort through your wardrobe. Feel free to bring a variety of options, and we can pick what will work best together. (For more on pre-shoot preparation, including wardrobe selection, click here.)

If you selected to do hair and makeup, we'd do that now, which would give us further time to get comfy. 

We'd then head out on location and get started. We'll shoot on the go, swapping out outfits and changing up the backgrounds as we feel inspired. Most shoots last from 1-2 hours, depending upon your level of comfort in front of the camera, and how quickly you fatigue. 

After the shoot, I'll upload your images and one by one color correct and sort through your images. I'll curate the images down to a gallery of favorites, which I'll upload and send you a link for. And following that email, you'll also receive a link to download the entire shoot in high resolution. You'll want to make a back up of that for the future, as there is a charge to resend the files. 


A Note About Hair And Makeup

I highly recommend that you book your hair and makeup session with me before your shoot. With years of experience as both photographer and a makeup artist, I know what is going to work best on camera, especially with my particular style. A huge part of the makeup process is not only to bring out your inner beauty, but to build up your confidence so you can step in front of the camera knowing you look great! Adding hair and makeup in advance also makes a majority of your images usable without retouching! There is nothing worse than a client loving the imagery, but wishing they had taken the extra little step. I don't require it, and if you feel great about your own skills and how they will work on camera, go for it! We always have retouching available at the end of it all if there is something you'd like to tweak. 



As you'll notice, I don't include retouching in your shoot. Whether or not to retouch varies based upon tastes. My style of shooting creates imagery that can be used right away, however for anything that you'd like changes or tweaked I have retouching available at $30 per image. 

For major changes and repairs, corrections start at $50.  (Corrections include background replacements, eye replacement, hair reconstruction, etc.)